Events, opportunities to share and collaborate, and initiatives providing a voice for AI research

Our purpose

  • Promote Artificial Intelligence (AI) research for the advancement of the field in a manner that is both ethical and beneficial to society.

  • Connect AI researchers to support the development of AI research and education in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

  • Encourage collaboration between researchers, industry and government in AI-related fields.

  • Raise public awareness of AI and help inform government policies concerning AI, based on sound and independent research.

Webinar Series

An opportunity to connect, highlight research topics, and share insights from across the AI research ecosystem including international and local collaborations.

August 2022
NVIDIA bridges real and virtual in the Omniverse with AI
Speed Up Machine Learning Models with Accelerated WEKA

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August 2023
A 101 of Large Language Models plus  local and international examples of how they are being applied across sectors for impact. 

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Discussion paper

Prepared by Dr Paul Geertsema (University of Auckland), Professor Albert Bifet (University of Waikato) and Professor Richard Green (University of Canterbury), this discussion paper aims to address the policy implications of emerging large language models such as ChatGPT. As academic researchers active in the field of AI research, we are uniquely positioned to understand the technology involved and to consider its potential implications. Given the far-reaching consequences of models such as ChatGPT, we believe we have a responsibility to take a leading role in highlighting potential policy implications to senior decision makers.

2022 AIRA Conference

Aotearoa New Zealand is advancing the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence through fundamental and applied research, collaborating across academia and with industry, and the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Researchers Association conference again provided an opportunity to network and share experiences, understandings and knowledge.


The Artificial Intelligence Researchers Associations put forward a submission on the Te Ara Paerangi – Future Pathways Green Paper.


The Association has released a whitepaper discussing current AI capabilities in Aotearoa New Zealand and offering recommendations for establishing Aotearoa New Zealand as a research centre of excellence and trust in AI.

Past conferences

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  • All eight Universities
  • Crown Research Institutes
  • Regional Research Institutes
  • Private research organisations
  • Researchers based in industry

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